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Photographer Lorraine Toth in front of lens

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Photographer Lorraine Toth behind the lens

Hi, I am Lorraine Toth and it is my passion to creating art with the camera and inspire creativity! Having modeled myself I know how it can be nerve-wracking on the other side of the camera lens.  The photos above show me in front of the camera as a model.  Being in front of the camera as well as behind the lens gives me the true understanding & ability to calm your nerves and help you get into "character" so I can capture amazing shots! I love making women feel beautiful and having them leave with their heads held higher. My background as an artist helps me to transform every shot into a work art!  I look forward to working with you to help you capture the heirloom photos that will hang on your walls for years to come!  I am also an author who recently started writing poetry.  

This article covers my background as an entrepreneur and describes my start in the photography business.  

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Find me personally on SNAPCHAT username: pinupmakeover

Above shows me in front of the camera.  My experience being a model will help guide you for your photo session. With over a decade of posing as a pinup model, I know the little tweaks in body posture that make all of the difference.I look forward to meeting all of you DOLLS!  To hire me as a promotional pinup model for your event or photo shoot, please use the "CONTACT" section of this website.

XOXO, Lorraine

Below are some shots of me "BTS" which means behind the scenes so you can see me in action photographing.

The video above shows me photographing in my old Albany, NY studio when I was strictly specializing in Pinup photo sessions.  Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel through link above to keep up to date on my latest projects and videos.