The Best Holiday Gift for him - a boudoir shoot featuring YOU!

Boudoir Photo Shoot

Ok ladies...he has enough power tools or socks so why not

KNOCK HIS SOCKS OFF this holiday season! 

Our pinup and boudoir shoots make great gifts for the holidays.  You leave that day with all high resolution images on your flashdrive and have the copyright release!  This means you save money because you can print them on your own or make calendars through sites like Shutterfly.

All shoots include professional makeup application from one of our trusted and liscensed makeup artists.  Photography by Lorraine Toth who has been doing these types of photos for over 11 years.  She can transform even the most deer in headlights lady into a smoking hot siren or video vixen!  

Each shoot is one hour of photo time and usually we can get 3-4 different looks in during this time.  Most models leave with 120-180 images.

To book please visit our website and click on CONTACT US or call number on site.
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